Kamis, 19 Maret 2009

penyok..also tattooed by Mr. dody at bodhysava studio

kosa, tattooed at bodhysava by Mr. dody

irwan, student at undinus.

imam amunisi
he get his tattoo at bodhysava with Mr. dody

Minggu, 16 November 2008

music : bing slamet (genjer-genjer) & EJAKULATOR

he likes hardcore and punk
artist : dody "bodhysava",shva"magelang",munir"semarang"

he work at mosh magazine and the stage manager of sex toy (one of semarang local band)
he likes punk rock
where and who : feri from malang..

she is a manager and marketing on mosh magazine
she likes hardcore and punk
where and when : bodhysava (dody), feri from malang..

his a magician
he likes netral
where and who : jogja>pak peng,heru,uceng,him self..

Selasa, 28 Oktober 2008

university student/FORESHADOWS
FAV MUSIC : job for a cowboy,waking the cavader,dashboard confessional,kraanium
where and who : Fantasi>Mas Haris Semarang
Bio > Mas Ferry,Malang

melon morron
student of faculty of law undip/represent of SID,SUICIDAL SINATRA,and THE HYDRANT
fav music : pshyco rock n roll billy/rockaBali
where and who: Bali> Alit tattoo/Jogja>Eternity tattoo (Athong)/Bali>Agung phsycobilly